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Daisy Pike, Solutions Engineer

Solutions Engineer

Daisy Pike

As a Solutions Engineer at Pax8 UK, I provide demos to partners on our platform and its integration with various PSA tools, as well as some of our other security-focused vendors. I work with partners throughout the onboarding process to ensure they are getting the most out a particular solution and can include it in their stack to roll it out across their customer base. My background is in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, having studied it at university I specialised in Electrical, Control & Instrumentation Engineer in the UK Nuclear Industry working on the biggest civil nuclear project of this century. So, security and integrity have always been at the forefront of my work processes, which I have carried over to Pax8 since joining in July 2021. Fun Fact About Me: I almost became a conservationist instead - having spent 2 months living in the Sri Lankan jungle, studying human-elephant conflict and a path to its resolution.