Cloud is supposed to be simple. But with legacy distributors, it just isn’t. When adopting and selling new solutions feels overwhelming, support is unresponsive, billing is complex, and provisioning is painfully slow, you need someone who’s got your back. You need a Wingman. At Pax8, we believe the cloud should be an experience, where the right technology and the right team come together to provide the air cover you need to take flight and succeed in the cloud. Here are nine reasons why thousands of MSPs have already made the switch to Pax8.


Born-in-the-Cloud Platform

Our dynamic platform helps partners seamlessly deliver cloud services. Quote, order, bill, and provision all of your cloud products in one place, with a single monthly invoice. The Pax8 Platform improves operational efficiency, reduces manual processes, and empowers our partners with industry-leading tools and insights to grow their business.


1. Consolidated Billing

The Pax8 Platform simplifies monthly, annual, and usage-based billing and eliminates the need to do any manual processes, saving Pax8 partners 7-10 hours per month. By compiling your billing data, the Pax8 Platform then delivers a single, easy-to-read invoice and visually reports on your month-over-month revenue and margin.


2. Automated Provisioning

Automation is at the forefront of the Pax8 provisioning processes. Vendor APIs enable Pax8 to offer the fastest provisioning in the industry.


3. Seamless PSA Integrations

The Pax8 Platform seamlessly integrates with industry-leading PSA tools, enabling you to browse products, place orders, update seat counts, manage and import company data, automate provisioning, and customize billing agreements — all from the comfort and convenience of your preferred PSA tool.


4. Marketplace of Industry-Leading Solutions

We carefully curate our line card by spending countless hours listening to our partners’ challenges and then identifying the top solutions that meet those needs. To ensure a seamless partner experience, our vendors undergo a vetting process with more than 150 steps before launch.


5. Business Intelligence for Stack-Building

Backing our platform is a team of people who are passionate about helping partners succeed in the cloud, through support, enablement, education, and expertise. Our only mission is to support the growth of your cloud business, in whatever ways we can.


The Wingman Experience

6. Responsive Technical Support

Pax8 offers 24/7, US-based technical support from dedicated service delivery managers. As our partners’ single point of support, we’re there for you whenever you need us.


7. Sales Enablement & Education

From dedicated sales advisors and educational events to videos and white-labeled materials, we empower you to proactively sell and strategically build your cloud technology stack. Mission Briefings teach up-sell/cross-sell strategies, while Microsoft Bootcamps help partners achieve more with M365 or Azure. Partners also have exclusive access to Pax8 Academy, our digital learning hub, with self-paced sales content curated by Pax8 experts, thought leaders, and top vendors in the channel.


8. In-House Microsoft Expertise

Growing your Microsoft practice is easier than ever with the Pax8 Wingman CSP Program. We simplify your Microsoft experience to make it easy to adopt in-demand Microsoft solutions, optimize your Microsoft program, and find opportunities to sell more – all while streamlining the management of your complete cloud tech stack.


9. Professional Services

If you’ve ever found yourself short on the staff, resources, or expertise you need to tackle every client project that comes your way, you’re not alone. White-labeled Professional Services from Pax8 add bandwidth to your team on projects that are too time-intensive or outside of your team’s expertise, helping you plan, assess, design, migrate, customize, and optimize cloud solutions.


Sales enablement & education

24/7, US-based technical support


Our modern platform brings every piece of your cloud technology stack into a single, easy-to-use marketplace and management center, while our team supports you 24/7 on your cloud journey, guiding you to the right solutions, then helping you sell and deploy them. Ultimately, our mission is to empower YOU to be a Wingman to YOUR clients.